Vision Statement

Definition of plausible

1: appearing worthy of belief .

Definition of specious

1: having a false look of truth or genuineness.

There is a fine line between plausible and specious. At Prosser Construction, we believe that line to be INTEGRITY.

The Prosser experience begins with exceptional customer service. From the very first contact to a follow up THANK YOU card, we strive to put our client and their project first. While we do this job every day, we will be ever mindful that our clients have personal attachments to their project, and we respect that and share in their passion.

Team Prosser respects every job site as if it where their own home. Our clients have done us the honor of choosing our company and inviting us in. At no time will we forget that.

As we hope, plan and work towards a full schedule, we will give every client the time they need to feel heard. Remembering that they are the reason we are in business.

As a team, we will rise above the rest with our honesty, integrity and thoughtful communication to provide excellent customer service and exceptional craftsmanship. Our team will not take unnecessary shortcuts and will settle for no less than excellence.  All while building relationships and maintaining a safe and clean work environment.    

Prosser team members hold themselves to the utmost in integrity. We work as a team to lift each other up so that all may be successful.